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What is the Patient Passport Registration Process Like

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2019 02:39AM PDT

Once you invite a patient to Passport, the above video will show you the process the patient goes through to sign up for their Passport account,

If you have questions about each step outlined in the video, take a look below:

1. Patient Passport Invitation Email - Sent to the patient when invited to Passport
2. Patient Passport Registration Screen - The registration screen linked to the invitation email
3. Signup Confirmation Email - Sent to the patient after they successfully register for Passport
4. Patient Passport Welcome Letter - The welcome letter that appears in your patient's Passport when they first sign in
5. New Message Notification Email - Sent to the patient each time new content is available in Passport

1. Patient Passport Invitation Email

When you invite a patient to sign up for Passport, the patient will receive the following email, asking them to sign up for Passport:

2. Patient Passport Registration Screen

When your patient clicks "Sign into Passport" in their invitation email (see email #1 above), he or she is automatically sent a text message containing the 7-digit invitation code required during the Passport registration process. Note that the patient's cell phone will be used to send an invitation code used ONE-TIME only for the registration process:

3. Signup Confirmation Email

When your patient successfully registers for Elation Patient Passport, he or she is sent an email confirming their successful registration:

4. Patient Passport Welcome Letter

When your patient successfully registers for Patient Passport and logs in for the first time, they will see this welcome letter in their inbox, which thanks them for signing up and reiterates that Passport is not to be used as a communication tool during emergencies.

Note: This only applies if you did not invite your patient to Passport by sending them a letter (but instead invited by clicking the Passport link in the top-left of the patient's chart). If you invited the patient to Passport while writing a letter to that patient, the letter that you wrote will serve as the welcome letter (and not this automatically generated letter).


5. New Message Notification Email

Each time that something new is sent to a patient's Passport, he or she is sent a simple email notification with instructions to sign into Passport to view the new content. These "new message" email notifications will be sent to the patient each time you send a new letter, write a new message on a letter, or sign off a new visit note (remember, each time you sign a visit note, the visit summary is automatically shared with the patient in Passport).
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