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How to Share a Patient's Entire Chart

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2019 07:38AM PDT

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How to Share a Patient's Chart:

1. Start a letter

2. Click "Attach Everything in Chart" in the Attachments section

When you perform this action, every item in the patient's chart will be attached to the letter. Depending on the size of the chart, the attachment process could take as long as 60 seconds.

3. Finish your letter and send it.

Sending to a recipient via fax:

Let's walk through what happens when you send to a recipient who has a fax number, but is not an ElationEMR user nor an Elation Passport user.

When you send large letters (>20 pgs.) via Elation, the recipient must retrieve the letter and attachments online via Elation Passport.

Why? Once a letter exceeds 20 pages, it becomes much more difficult to transmit via fax and therefore much more prone to failure. Large faxes also tie up the recipient's fax line, prohibiting them from receiving any other transmissions. Requiring the recipient to retrieve long letters online is more secure, keeps their fax line free, allows you to send with confidence that it will be delivered, and provides you the benefit of seeing a 'read receipt' when the document is accessed.

How does the recipient retrieve the full chart through Elation Passport?

1. Your recipient will receive a fax notifying them that you have shared one of your patients' charts. On the fax, there are clear instructions on how to go online to access Elation Passport. See more detail on what this fax looks like and what the instructions are to access Elation Passport.

2. Your letter (containing the chart) appears at the top of your recipient's Elation Passport message queue.

3. From the letter in Elation Passport, your recipient can download a .zip archive containing individual PDFs of each chart item, or can view and download chart items individually:


If the recipient clicks "Download All", this is what the .zip archive of the patient chart looks like:


My recipient won't go online to retrieve the patient's chart via Elation Passport. What do I do?

If your recipient will not go online to retrieve the chart, you will need to download the letter containing the chart (so you can print it out) and either mail it or fax it from your fax machine. After steps 1 & 2 (create letter > attach everything in chart), click "Sign & Download PDF" instead of "Sign & Send."


This action will sign off the letter and then Elation will notify you when the PDF and ZIP archive of the patient's chart are available to download by displaying a banner at the top of the screen (the process could take several minutes):


  • The PDF is one single document containing the letter and all chart item attachments. This is the best option if you wish to print the chart and send it manually through your fax machine.
  • The ZIP archive is a folder containing neatly labeled and organized PDFs of each chart item. For more details on what this looks like, see above.
Workflow Tip: We would recommend adding the text such as "Chart Copy" or "Chart Export" to the To: field of the letter to allow you to reference back to an entire chart that has been downloaded and printed off. 

Sending to a recipient who is an ElationEMR user:

Let's walk through what happens when you send to a recipient who also uses ElationEMR.


When you send the letter, it will appear in your recipient's Practice Home queue, under Provider Letters:

  1. If your recipient does not already have a chart in ElationEMR for Paula Patient, one will be created automatically.
  2. When your recipient signs off your letter, he or she will be prompted to also file each chart item as a report in their version of Paula's chart.
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