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Accessing Interactive Charts Online

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015 02:43PM PST

How do my colleagues and the members of their practice access interactive patient charts online?

Step 1: The practice receives a fax copy of your letter or referral

When you sign and send your letter or referral, a fax is sent to your recipient*. Both on the cover page and the letter or referral page, there are instructions explaining how to access your interactive patient chart online.

*If you opted to fax copies of your letter or referral attachments, they will also be included with the fax.

Step 2: Go to and enter the Reference Code on the fax

The fax Reference Code is listed on the fax in the areas circled above. (**If you received an email version, you will need to call the sending practice for their "Provider Security Code" located in the top right corner of their Practice Home Page).

Step 3: (First time only) Set up an account to view charts in Elation

Anyone in the recipient's practice can set up an account to view interactive charts in Elation sent to their practice.
The process is extremely quick: select whether you're a provider or staff member, enter your name, then set a password and security question. As an added convenience, Elation will help make sure your password meets our requirements as you type it.

>> See how easy it is to access interactive charts after your recipient has created an account

Step 4: Go to the interactive chart

Your recipient lands in their very own Practice Home, displaying the patient chart and letter or referral that was shared.

From here, your recipient can click "Reply" to reply to the letter directly from Practice Home, or can click "View All" to be taken into the patient's chart, which is pre-populated with the content that was included with the letter or referral.


Once your recipient has created an account, he or she can...

  1. Use the full power of the Elation chart to consume patient information: search, trend data, view reports, even write their own notes.
  2. Reply directly to your letter or referral; their response will appear on the letter or referral in the patient's chart in your EMR account
  3. Access all interactive charts that are shared with their practice in the future.
  4. Sign in within seconds to get interactive charts; see how easy it is below:

Getting to interactive charts if your recipient already has an account:

Step 1: Go to and enter the Reference Code on the fax

Step 2: Select your name from the list

Anyone in the practice who has not already signed up can click "My name is not listed here" to quickly set up an account to view interactive charts in Elation.


Step 3: Enter your password

In the event of a forgotten password, your recipient will be prompted to answer the security question that he or she set up when the account was created. After answering correctly, your recipient can reset their password.

Step 4: Arrive in Practice Home
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