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How to Get Help on Elation

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2017 07:36PM PDT

If you need help on Elation, you can click the "I need help" button that will always be available on the top blue bar of your Elation screen.

Q. Where do I go if I have a question about something on Elation?
We encourage users to go to our Help Center, which you can access by clicking on "Search our Help Center articles and videos".

We want to empower our users to utilize our resources.

Q. What if I looked at the Help Center but my question was not addressed?
We understand that not all questions can be addressed in the Help Center, so you can contact an Elation team member by clicking on "Get help from an Elation team member". We commit to responding back to our users within 1 business day, M-F 9am-6pm PST.

We love your feedback as always, so if you couldn't find something in the Help Center, please let us know about this as well!

Q. What if I accidentally deleted a report or a visit note and I need to recover it?
Sometimes you delete something important and you need it back. For a few key items in the patient chart, we've empowered you to restore accidentally deleted items immediately on your own - any reports (lab reports, imaging, consults) and signed off visit notes.

On the patient chart you want to restore a visit note or report for, click on the I need help! button, and select the option that says "I accidentally deleted a note or report".

Click on the name of the deleted item to see who deleted it and at what time, before you click "Restore" to get the note back into your chart.

If you delete anything else by accident and urgently need help restoring it, send an urgent request to the Elation team as described below.

Q. What if I need Elation's help to resolve an urgent issue?
Even though we commit to responding back to our users within 1 business day, we understand that you may need our help earlier than that. You can click on "I need help and it's urgent!" button, and we'll commit to responding back to you via email or phone within 30 minutes - regardless of what day or time it is.

By understanding what issues are urgent for our users, we can prioritize items on our plate to best serve your most pressing needs - 24/7.

Q. What if I want to make a suggestion to improve Elation or provide feedback to us about something you love in Elation?
You can click on "Send feedback or a suggestion to the Elation team" button, and our Product Team will review these feedback items from you. We live off our users' feedbacks and that's what makes Elation so special.
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