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Patient Passport Messaging

Last Updated: Dec 12, 2018 05:02PM PST

Table of Contents:

1. What is Patient Passport Messaging?
2. How does Passport Messaging work?
3. How do I turn Passport Messaging On (or Off)?
4. How do I decide who receives patient messages in my practice?

1. What is Patient Passport Messaging?

“Patient Passport Messaging” is the ability for patients to initiate and send their own messages to your practice through Elation Patient Passport.

2. How does Passport Messaging work?

If you enable this feature for your practice (learn how to turn it on below), a new button will appear in Patient Passport for all of your patients that says “New Message.” It looks like this:

To send a message to your practice, patients simply click or tap that button, then write and send their message from Passport. Patients must choose from 6 different categories to indicate what their message is about, which are:

  • Appointments
  • Referrals
  • Prescriptions & Refills
  • Lab or Other Test Results
  • General Inquiry
  • Question About My Health

On your side in the EMR, you can customize the routing of patient messages, that is, you can decide which members of your practice will receive incoming patient messages in their Practice Home queue(s), based on the category chosen by the patient. Routing messages will help you offload the task of monitoring incoming patient messages to different members of your practice. Learn how to route patient messages in your practice.


3. How do I turn Passport Messaging On (or Off)?

To turn Patient Passport Messaging on or off for all of the patients in your practice,

  1. Go to Elation's Settings
  2. Click the link for Patient Passport Messages, under "Admin Users Only"
  3. Change the toggle to "Yes" to turn it on, or "No" to turn it off

For more detail see the Help Center article: Turning Patient Messaging On & Off.

​4. How do I decide who receives patient messages in my practice?

After you enable Passport Messaging, you can customize how patient-initiated messages are routed within your Elation practice. To route a message is to choose the provider(s) or staff member(s) who will be notified via Practice Home when that message is received.

On the Patient Passport Messages ​page in Settings, under the section Routing Per Provider, you'll find each provider in your practice with a table listed under their name, like the example below:

These routing tables show how messages sent by patients of each provider will be delivered in the practice. For example, in the table above, if one of Beverly Crusher’s patients chooses the “Appointments” message category, that message will be routed to Jane Smith. If the patient sends a “Question About My Health” message, it will be routed directly to her provider, Beverly Crusher.

Learn more about message routing and how to set it up for your practice.

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