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FAQs on Messages

Last Updated: Apr 09, 2019 08:00AM PDT

Elation messages, one of our most widely used features, have tremendous potential to enhance seamless communication within your practice. Messaging allows you to keep tabs and set reminders for yourself and your colleagues, ensuring quick and easy follow-up. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks by sending a Message.

1. How do I send a message?
2. How do I keep track of my messages?
3. "Sign Off", "Acknowledge", "File to Chart" - What do each of these mean?
4. Can I send a message NOT affiliated with a specific patient?
5. Can I send a message to multiple office members at once?
6. A message seems to be "stuck" in my queue, how do I get rid of it?
7. Any other cool messaging features?

1. How do I send a message?

You can initiate a message from 3 different locations:
your Practice Homepage:


     b) from the grey action bar at the top of a patient chart:

     c) from a Report or Visit Note (the Report/Note will be referenced in the Message to ensure accuracy!):


Once a message is initiated, you can then address and compose your message by completing the following fields:
  • Pt: Enter Patient name (this is automatically populated if you are initiating from a pt chart)
  • To: Select recipients from the dropdown menu - choose individuals or try adding a user group!
  • Body: Write your message

2. How do I keep track of my messages?

You can find all your messages (and other staff messages by changing the viewing option) within your "Office Messages" queue on your Practice Homepage. Any message on which you are listed as a recipient will show up in your queue.

3. "Sign Off", "Acknowledge", "File to Chart" - What does each of these mean?

There are 3 message prompts for users:

  • "Sign off" -- only providers have the ability to "Sign Off" on messages. If a msg is signed off it can still linger if not acknowledged by all other recipients.
  • "Acknowledge" -- after a msg is signed off, all recipients need to "acknowledge" the message in order to "close the loop".
  • "File to Chart" -- staff to staff communication, if a msg is filed then it will disappear from the practice home queues for other recipients, See screenshot

4. Can I send a message NOT affiliated with a specific patient?

No, messages must be affiliated with a patient chart. However, if you would like to send an intra-office message we suggest creating a new patient named something like "Office Messages", and send office announcements, reminders, etc from this chart.

5. Can I send a message to multiple office members?

Yes, you can send a message to any combination of individuals and/or user groups. For example, I may send a message to one provider and the whole MA team.

6. A message seems to be "stuck" in my queue, how do I get rid of it?

At times, you may see a message that you have acknowledged and the provider has signed off lingering in your queue. This is because ALL recipients of a message must "acknowledge" the message for it to be filed into the patient chart.

Check with the other recipients to make sure they have acknowledged the message so that it may be filed away.
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