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Store everything in Chronological Record

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017 11:27AM PDT
Visit notes, orders, letters, referrals and messages that pertain to a patient are all stored in 1 single place - the Chronological Record. The Chronological Record places “To Do” and “FYI” items at the very top as “Requiring Action” or “Outstanding” so that they are not lost. Everything else is listed in chronological order, from most recent to the oldest items at the bottom.

How do I choose which meds from the Med Fills Download get populated in my chart?
Elation will automatically retrieve the medications that the patient has received from the pharmacy over the past 6 months ("medication fills") and file them into your patient's chart. After reviewing the preview of how the med fills will be reconciled with existing medications in the patient's chart, click on each med fill and hover your mouse to the right side to “Sign Off” on each medication.

How do I merge two reports, a partial and a final for example?
Make a more comprehensive documentation of reports, by marking previous reports as “partial” when needed. You can do this right from the Requiring Action queue by clicking the "Actions" button and selecting "Mark previous Report as Partial". Keep incoming documents sorted with custom Report Types for which you can search within your Chronological Record. 

In a large patient chart, can I search by date?
You can use the Timeline -- right beside the “Search Chronological Record” bar -- to find all items from a specific date. Clicking on the Timeline will filter so that only items prior to this date will show up in your Chronological Record.  Click here to learn more about Chronological Record Sort Settings.   

More Tips? Learn how you can make a staff member an Rx delegate to sign off on refill requests.
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