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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2018 10:30AM PDT
The grey action bar allows you to generate all components of your patients’ care from one place. Designed to be a focal point of the Patient Chart Page, the Action Bar highlights the potential of Elation -- from Referrals, to Letter to Patients, to a detailed Meds History, to composing visit notes and orders, or referencing Reports. Elation is all about efficiency, and the action bar is the catalyst for getting things done.

Rolodexes are a thing of the past, how can I keep my referral contacts easily accessible?
Every day Elation team members are verifying the contact information of providers in your area. Check out the Directory to see who is in the Elation Provider Network: a green check denotes verified contact info while a blue E means they also use Elation. Draft and send a Referral or Letter to Provider to share information paper-free.

I need old records to be easily accessible, where can I store these in Elation?
Elation has over 60 different Report Type categories. You can pick and choose which you would like to be active for your practice. Another way Elation helps your practice keep all your important documents organized and paper-free.

I need my staff to verify that an order has been carried out...
You can link an Order -- or a Report or Visit Note -- directly within a Message. Send a reminder to a staff member or to the whole staff group. This makes sure there is no confusion about which item from the patient’s record to act on, increasing accuracy and reducing back-and-forth exchange.

More tips? Attach any items to a “Letter to Provider” or Referral and your colleague will be given a free Elation account to see what you see everyday!
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