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Tag Reports and Notes with Document Tags

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018 12:44AM PST
Similar to Patient Tags, you can tag reports, visit notes, and non-visit notes in Elation to categorize them for better organization, and to make them easier to find via chart search and Patient List search.

Tagging your documents in Elation will help you find information faster and even keep track of your patients. Document tags allow you to categorize your reports and pre-populate the title for you.

For example, by tagging Procedure Reports with their specific procedure name, like Colonoscopy, you can use the Patient List search to find patients who don't have any reports tagged "colonoscopy," providing you with a list of patients who haven't had that procedure.

Manage your list of tags in Settings (under "Document Tags") to remove tags you don't want, correct misspellings, or add new tags. You can add detailed descriptions to your tags to help everyone in your practice understand what each tag signifies. You can also add specific codes, like ICD-9, SNOMED, Procedure, and others, which will be helpful in the future for government quality reporting metrics. 

To add a tag while filing a report:

1. Choose a document category, and then you will be able to add a title and/or a tag.

2. If you select a tag first, the title field will be prepopulated with whatever the tag label is, which you can then edit. An example tag could be "Colonoscopy" and the more specific title might be "Colonoscopy from Dr. Brown at Sutter".

Tags should be more generic, so you can run reports (for example, on all colonoscopies) and titles can be more specific and add additional detail.

3. You can add a new tag if you want (with an optional description and code), or choose from the list you already have.

4. Click File into Chart to file your tagged document.

To add a tag in the patient chart:

For a report, just open up a saved report and click Actions. You can choose "Edit Report Details" or "Add/Edit Tags" to edit the tags associated with the report.

For a visit note or a non-visit note, if you haven't signed the note off already, just look near the bottom of the unsigned notes to see the option for "+Tag".

Visit Note:

Non-visit Note:

If you have signed the note off already, just scroll to the bottom of the note, and click "More Actions" to see the option to "Add/Edit Tags".

If you've already added a tag, just hover your mouse over the tag to see the description and code.

Run reports on your patient panel!

You can search by document tag within Patient Lists, just like you could with patient tags! This will allow you to run more powerful searches once you get started tagging your documents, so you can find out the answers to interesting questions like:

  • Which of my patients have never had a colonoscopy?
  • ​Who has come in for a New Patient visit, and not had a follow up visit?

For more detailed information about running Patient List Reports, click here

Manage your document tags:

Misspelled something? Did one staff member tag a report as "Colonoscpy" and now that's saved everywhere? You can correct that yourself.

Go to your settings page in Elation, and go to the "Document Tags" section.


To create a new document tag:

  1. Click 
  2. Enter the desired tag name, and optional description and code.
  3. Click "Save"​

To edit an existing document tag:

  1. Click “edit” on the document tag you wish to edit
  2. Change the name or code
  3. Click "Save"
Note: only ADMIN users can change existing document tags.

To remove an existing document tag:

Click “remove” on the document tag you wish to remove.

only ADMIN users can change existing document tags.
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