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The Collaborative View (HI Only)

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2017 07:04PM PDT


1. What is the Collaborative View
2. What does the Collaborative View do?
3. How does the Collaborative View work?
4. Care Teams
5. Sharing with Colleagues
6. Profile Updates
7. Sharing Settings
8. The Collaborative Health Record
9. FAQs

What is the Collaborative View?

The Collaborative View is a powerful tool that helps multiple providers caring for the same patient automatically share patient data and coordinate on care — all in real time.

With the Collaborative View, you can:

  • Get on-demand access to up-to-date information for a mutual patient.
  • Seamlessly collaborate with other providers to automatically communicate updates.
  • Close clinical gaps and drive more informed decision making at the point of care.

In order to provide the highest quality care for your patient across settings and between providers.

What does The Collaborative View do?

The Collaborative View connects multiple providers caring for the same patient and provides the patient's entire care network with a comprehensive view of each provider's shared activity.

With the complete longitudinal history at your disposal, you can decide what information is pertinent to you, and import that data into your chart. In turn, any information that you add to your personal chart can be shared with your colleagues, so they can have the most up-to-date information on shared patients.

How does the Collaborative View work?

Elation’s Chart Search now features a Collaborative View filter to let you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

When you open a patient chart, the Collaborative View displays information in your personal record along with other clinical data that’s been shared by other providers caring for that same patient on Elation.

Items shared by other providers will be clearly demarcated with a grey tile and Care Team badge on the respective icon. Open the chart item to view its contents and click “Import and Sign” contents pull the content into your chart to add to your personal record for this patient.

You can filter the results further to display items from a specific providers, or filter for a specific type of document (e.g. “Type: Visit Note” would filter your Chronological Record to only show Visit Notes.)

To remove the filter, simply click the “x” next to the search bar filter to return to your personal chart. This will hide information that's shared by other providers.

Care Teams

The Collaborative View introduces Care Teams into the patient's network, and allows you to get on-demand access to other Care Team member's updates on that patient. To do this:
1. Open the Care Team sections of your patient chart to view sharing providers.

2. There’s no need to fax referrals, request records, or chase down lab results. If a provider in your Care Team is sharing the data, you’ll automatically see that information in your Collaborative View.

3. When any changes are made to the patient's Care Team, and new providers have access to a patient's shared records, you'll be notified.

Sharing with Colleagues

From the Care Team menu, click the gear icon in the upper right of each provider and modify your sharing settings. This action will allow you to toggle your sharing on a patient-by-patient basis. To change your sharing settings for all your patients, visit the Collaborative View section of the Settings page.


To grant your colleagues automatic access to a patient's records, simply send a specific provider a letter or referral and check the new "Grant access to Patient's shared records" button that appears in the referral.

Profile Updates
The Collaborative View adds a "Profile Updates" button to each patient's chart. This button allows you to view updates that other providers on the patient's Care Team have made, and compare them to your own Clinical Profile for that patient.

When comparing these items New additions to the patient's chart will be highlighted with a blue icon. Individual or multiple items can be imported into your own Clinical Profile to make sure you always have the most up-to-date clinical information on hand.

Additionally, if you have your sharing turned on, any updates you make in your chart will be surfaced to other providers who have access to a patient's shared records to import at their discretion.

Sharing Settings

You can quickly tell who else has access to your patient chart by consulting the Care Team list by clicking on Care Team in the navigation bar.

Information of who is sharing into and who has access to the shared record is indicated by the badge in the lower left-hand side of their profile picture as follows:


The Collaborative Health Record

When using the Collaborative View, the system will default to show information from "All Sharing Providers," that is, the sharing members of the patient's care team. This can be seen in the record search bar, and will be reflected in the patient's chart.

You can exit Collaborative View by simply the "x" on the left of this icon. You can also view only particular Care Team member's shared records using this search.

On top of viewing the full Collaborative Health Record, you can search for individual features of the patient's record, such as labs or vitals, and this will search the entire collaborative record.

Structured lab results can be trended across sharing members of the Care Team to give you a more complete picture of a patient's health. Lab values that are surfaced from the Care Team will have a blue profile picture next to the value. You can also click on the value to import into your own personal chart if you'd like.




What am I sharing in the Collaborative View?

If you choose to share in the Collaborative View, providers on Elation who are caring for that same patient will be granted access to the following signed off documents that are NOT marked confidential:

  • Visit Notes
  • Rx Meds
  • Orders
  • Vitals
  • Reports
  • Referrals

Who am I sharing with?

Only registered providers who are delivering care to that same patient on Elation will be able to see shared records. These providers will need to be invited by an Elation user to be granted access.

Will I know when a new provider starts seeing my patient (and my shared patient information)?
Yes — you will receive a notification in the Outstanding Items section of that patient's chart telling you who has been granted access, or is no longer sharing, with the Care Team. 

Will other users be able to alter my personal records?

No — your personal records will never be affected by another provider's actions. In turn, any actions you take to import items into your own chart will not affect another provider's records.

How to I toggle my sharing settings?

Sharing settings can be changed on a patient-by-patient basis from the Care Team section of your chart. To change your sharing defaults for your entire panel, visit the "Collaborative View Sharing" page in the Admin section of the Settings menu. Only admin users can adjust these defaults.
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