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October 2017 Release Notes

Last Updated: Nov 10, 2017 02:31PM PST

Hi Elation Community,

Autumn is firmly upon us but the Elation product team isn’t taking time to watch the foliage change. Instead, we’re leaving you more time in your day by automating some pesky vaccine workflows...and just in time for flu season!

Experience Enhancements


Administer vaccines quickly with form field auto-population

As practices embark on flu season, Elation made an update to our vaccine workflow to remove the need to re-enter repetitive data each time you administer a vaccine.  

Now, Elation will copy forward the manufacturer, lot number, expiration date, and dose from the last time you administered the same vaccine (before, only the lot number and expiration date would copy forward).

As such, you will be asked to re-enter all data points today, but after you enter the data once, we will start copying forward the manufacturer, lot number, expiration, and dose going forward, which we think will be a great time save!



Urgent Queue logic shows only failed items pertinent to the user

Great news! Elation has updated how users are alerted of failed items. Previously, Elation would alert your entire practice in the Urgent section of the home page if a bill, fax, or prescription ever failed.  


We had received a lot of feedback from users that the Urgent queue started to get filled with items that weren't relevant to them, making it more difficult to find the items that did require their attention.

In our latest release, we have improved this so that only the sender and their delegates would be alerted of failed items, so that the Urgent queue will be more actionable for the individuals in your practice.


  1. Failed Faxes: only the sender will be alerted in the urgent queue.
  2. Failed Prescriptions: The prescribing physician will get alerted. If a prescription delegate sent the prescription, both the delegate and the prescribing physician will get alerted. 
  3. Failed Bills: (for practices who use an integrated PMS partner):  The provider associated with the visit note and any of their designated billing delegates will be alerted.

We hope this update will provide a more actionable Urgent queue to address the most pressing matters in your practice.

If you would still like to see the full set of urgents across the practice, simply change the View Queue For toggle from "Self" to "Everyone."

Document Exclusions using Clinical Decision Support

Per feedback from our user community, we have incorporated exclusions into Elation's Clinical Decision Support and Health Maintenance workflows.

Now, when addressing a colorectal cancer screening, if the patient has had a total colectomy, you will now be able to document this exclusion directly from the Clinical Decision Support pop up:

You can also enter these exclusions in the Health Maintenance section by selecting the appropriate exclusion from the dropdown:


These are the screenings and their corresponding exclusions we have incorporated:

  • Cervical Cancer Screening
    • Exclusion: Hysterectomy
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
    • Exclusion: Total Colectomy
  • Breast Cancer Screening
    • Exclusion: Bilateral mastectomy
  • Cognitive Assessment for Dementia
    • Exclusions: Patient has severe dementia, had palliative care this year, or had hospice care this year.

Please provide us your thoughts directly on how we have or can improve your Elation experience by contacting us at
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