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Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017 10:00AM PST
Elation's Point-of-Care Labs feature enables practices to enter their most frequent Point-of-Care lab tests in a matter of seconds! 

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Why use Elation's Point-of-Care Labs? 
Common FAQs


Why use Elation's Point-of-Care Labs (POC Labs)?

(1) POC Labs is easy-to-use, quick, and enables users to capture POC lab results at the point of care.

  • With just a few clicks, providers and staff can enter lab results performed at the office.
  • Staff have the option to file results on their own, or flag abnormal results for the provider to review and sign off.

(2) Lab values entered using Elation's Point-of-Care lab form are structured.

  • Lab results entered through POC Labs can trend against historic results:
  • All lab tests in the POC Labs form are linked with their corresponding LOINC codes (universal lab codes). As such: 
    • Results entered on POC Labs can help your practice satisfy clinical quality measures. For example, entering A1c results through the POC lab form will count towards the Diabetes A1c CQM.
    • Results of labs performed at your office can be compared to results from lab centers or hospitals by using the lab results' universal LOINC codes. 

(3) Results entered using the POC lab form are filed as lab reports.

  • Lab results entered through Point-of-Care Labs have the same report functionality as incoming lab results from lab vendors or hospitals.
  • The following actions can be taken on a Point-of-Care Labs report (which are the same actions that can be taken on an incoming lab report):
    • View in lab reports.
    • Reference last three lab values, if available.
    • Export results to the note.
    • Treated as a standalone report that can be printed, sent to other providers or patients. 

Common FAQs

(1) What lab panels are included in Elation's Point-of-Care Labs? ‚Äč
FOBT, Glucose, Hemoglobin A1c, Lipid Panel, Microalbumin, PT/INR, Rapid Strep, Rapid Influenza, Urinalysis, Urine Pregnancy Test

  • How were the list of lab panels selected?
    Elation selected the most common point-of-care lab tests that were also important for trending or to satisfy quality measures. Elation also reached out to the Elation user community to confirm which point-of-care are frequently performed by Elation practices.

  • Why isn't the point-of-care test I perform listed? How can I get that added?
    Elation prioritized the lab panels that most widely apply across the user community.  Elation would love your recommendations on additional point-of-care tests that could be added that would benefit Elation's user community. Please send your recommendations to

  • Why do some of the POC lab panels differ than the panels that appear when adding manual lab values to reports in the Fax Inbox?
    The Point-of-Care Labs form are for labs performed at the office, during the point-of-care whereas the lab panels in the Fax Inbox workflow are for incoming results from outside sources that are performed at hospitals or lab centers. POC tests often do not have an associated report, such as Urinalysis, and as such only appears on the POC Labs form within the patient's chart.

(2) What is the difference between staff and provider workflow? 

  • When providers enter results, they will be immediately signing off on the result which will immediately add the results into the patient's record. 
  • When staff enter results, staff can either file on behalf of reviewer or flag the result for the provider to review:

(3) How do I incorporate my results into the visit note? 

  • We added an Export button at the bottom of the visit note for easy documentation
  • You can also export results to your note from your Lab Reports: 
  • For exporting multiple results from the same lab report, star the relevant results, then select Actions for the entire report and click Export to Note: As Data

(4) How do I fix mistakes if the wrong date or value was entered on the POC Labs form?

Simply delete the incorrect result,and create a new POC Labs entry.  Elation takes the lab result sign off seriously and from a medico-legal perspective, it is very dangerous to enable edits to lab results that were already signed off with a specific providers credentials and a date and time stamp.
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