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Introduction to Bulk Letters

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018 01:47PM PDT
Bulk Letters, when turned on, gives providers and staff the ability to send the same letter to an entire cohort of their patient panel with just a few easy steps. With our Bulk Letters feature, you will be able to: 
  • Remind patients to book an Annual Wellness appointment
  • Send materials to patients for education and awareness 
  • Announce a practice-wide change such as business services, hours, location
  • Invite unregistered patients to Patient Passport 
  • And more
Once the letter has been sent, you’ll also have access to our Bulk Letters Dashboard to see which patients have opened the letter and which ones may need a one-off follow up. 

In this article, you will learn:

  1. How to generate a Bulk Letter via the Patient List
  2. How to compose your letter
  3. How to use the Bulk Letters Dashboard 

How to generate a Bulk Letter via the Patient List

  1. Click on the Reports dropdown and select Patient List
  2. Select the group of patients to whom you'd like to send the letter
    • Choose patients based on Provider, Last Seen (Last Signed Visit Note), and Patient Passport Status
  3. Select the search filter criteria for your patient list
    • You can filter by multiple criteria at once - e.g. age, gender, active problems, and active allergies
  4. Click "Generate List"
    • For more detailed information on generating a Patient List, click here
  5. You can send the letter to specific patients from your list by checking the box next to their name, or send the letter to the entire list by checking the “Select All” box at the top of the list. 
  6. Once ready, click “Send Bulk Letter”
    • Example: if you would like to send a letter encouraging patients to join Passport, you will want to 1. Select Provider: Entire Practice, 2. Select Passport Status: Invited but not registered and Not invited, 3. Generate the list, 4. Select All, 5. Click Send Bulk Letter
    • **If you do not see the option to send a Bulk Letter from within the Patient List report section, please contact and request that this feature be turned on for your practice. 

How to compose your letter

When composing your letter, you will be prompted to complete each of the following steps:
  1. Give your Bulk Letter a short description
    • The description is for your practice’s use and will be displayed on the Bulk Letter Dashboard for your reference
  2. Compose the letter
    1. Add a Subject and Body for the letter
    2. Apply any Letter Templates and Handouts that are applicable 
    3. Select your Printout Header
    4. Choose whether or not you’d like patients to have the option to reply to this letter
  3. Send this as a Patient Passport letter to ... 
    1. Patients already signed up on Patient Passport
      • The letter will trigger an email/SMS notification for patients to check their Passport to view your letter
    2. Patients who can be invited to Patient Passport
      • Patients with an email on file in their Demographics
      • Letter will trigger a Passport invitation encouraging patients to sign up for Passport so they can view your letter
  4. Generate printable PDFs of letters for …
    1. Patients who will not be sent a Patient Passport letter
      • This allows you to print the letter and send it by mail for patients who don’t have an email address on file
    2. All patient Selected
      • Select this if you’d like to send a printed letter to everyone in your list
    3. None
      • Select this if you don’t need any printed letters
  5. Once the letter is ready, click Next and you will have the option to: 
    1. Preview your letter in printout format
    2. Confirm your sending options
    3. Send the Bulk Letter!

How to use the Bulk Letters Dashboard 

The Bulk Letter Dashboard shows a summary level view of all the bulk letters that have been sent. From here, providers and staff can get a quick glance at the progress and status of their Bulk Letters.

With the Bulk Letters Dashboard, you can easily see:
  1. The full list of patients selected for a particular Bulk Letter
    1. Click on the “# patients selected” link
  2. Delivered to:
    1. Patients where the letter was delivered via Patient Passport
    2. Patients where the letter delivery is in progress via Patient Passport
    3. Patients where the letter was not delivered via Patient Passport
      • Printed letter sent by mail
  3. Opened by: 
    1. Patients who have opened the letter
    2. Patients who have not opened the letter
  4. Scheduled Appointment:
    1. Patients who were in the Bulk Letter send that have scheduled an appointment within 30 days of receiving the letter via Patient Passport
    2. Patients who were in the Bulk Letter send that have not scheduled an appointment (within 30 days)
  5. Lastly, click the “Open PDF of Letters” to see your finished product, and “Open Attached Handouts” to view any attachments 

We hope you enjoy using this feature! If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at
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