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VIP Chart Feature

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2018 02:21PM PST

Elation offers a free-of-charge feature enabling you to designate certain patient charts as VIP. When this feature is turned on for your practice, you will have the ability to mark patients as VIP in the patient demographics. For all patients marked as VIP, a warning box will appear when user other than that patient’s assigned provider tries to access the chart. The VIP charts will also keep a date and time log of all non-assigned users who access the chart in that patient's chronological record. 

How It Works:

Any patient can be marked as VIP. 

1. Open the patient's demographics
2. Check the box next to "Mark Patient as VIP"
3. This is located just above their name, as seen here:

4. Save and Close the demographics. 

When inside a VIP chart, the patient's photo will be marked with a red VIP box:

Additionally, all patients who are identified as VIP patients will have a "VIP" badge next to their name when searching for that patient: 

When a staff member on non-assigned provider attempts to access the VIP patient's chart, they will be met with a warning message:

If they click "Agree & Continue" a VIP Access note will be documented in the patient's chronological record. This documentation cannot be removed, and indicates who accessed the chart along with the date and time, as shown here:

Turning on VIP Chart Feature in Elation

If you would be interested in turning on the VIP chart feature for your practice, please reach out to Elation Support (, who can turn on this feature for you free of charge.
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