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2018 Quality Performance Reporting for MIPS

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 06:25PM PST


What you need prior to beginning

  1. Your QPP user ID and password
If you have submitted quality data through QPP before or have submitted for PQRS, you will use the same user ID and password as before. If you are unsure, we recommend searching in your email for keywords such as  “QPP user ID”, “PQRS”, “EIDM user id”, “PQRS user id”.

​​If you have never submitted quality data through PQRS or QPP before, click here for a video tutorial on how to create a QPP account. You will receive your QPP user ID and password upon signing up.

2. Your organization’s TIN (tax identifiable number)
3. The list of providers who are participating in the program

Submission Process

Estimated time: 45 - 60 minutes

Below is a step by step walkthrough, if you prefer video walkthroughs there is a set of videos at the bottom under “CMS Useful Resources”

Step 1:  Export your data from Elation

Report on your eCQMs

Export your eCQM QRDA-3 file from Elation

  1. From the practice home, select “Reports” at the top. From there, select “Clinical Quality Measures”


2. A new tab will open with the window shown below.


On this left side panel, update each filter before you generate your report.

  • Select “MIPS” for the measurement set.
  • Select the provider(s) by using either their TIN or Name/NPI:
    • Important notes to avoid file errors:
      • If you filter by NPI, be sure to deselect any resource calendars (ex. MA/Injection Schedules) that may appear as this can cause errors within the QRDA-3 file.
      • If you are a multiple-provider practice and your providers have different TINs, create a separate QRDA-3 file for each TIN. Different TIN’s cannot be combined within the same QRDA3 file.
  • Select “Annual” for the summary period
  • Select “2018” for the reporting year.
  • Select “Generate Summary”, which will load your performance on the right.

3. After you have generated a summary, click on “Export QRDA-3” in the upper righthand corner.

If you have not already entered your TIN within your account settings, you will be asked to enter it now in the following format (#########). After entering the TIN, you will be able to click “Save & Export”, which will begin the generation of your file.

After the file has finished generating, it will be ready for download by clicking “Download QRDA file”. This will cause the file to be downloaded directly to your computer with a file name of “file.xml”

Report on Promoting Interoperability (PI) Measures

Open your ACI Dashboard in Elation
  1. From the Practice Home, click “Reports” and select “Advancing Care Information”.

2. Filter for the provider and performance period that you wish you report on.


3. Click “Generate Report”. The numerators and denominators for each of the Promoting Interoperability objectives will be displayed. These are the values that you’ll be entering into the QPP portal.

Step 2:  Sign into the QPP portal

  1. Navigate to the QPP portal at
  2. On the login page, you’ll be prompted to enter your User ID and Password.


Step 3: Connect to your organization

  1. Once you are logged into your QPP account, connect to your organization (i.e. connect to your practice so that you can submit data for it). Click on “Manage Access” (1) on the left side navigation. Then click “Connect To Organization” (2).

2. For MIPS, select “Practice” and provide your organization’s TIN (Tax Identifiable Number).


3. Finally, select to connect as a “Security Official”

Note: If there is already a security official present, select “Staff User”. A staff user will have to be approved by the Security Official in able to submit for reporting. Otherwise, you can submit reporting as the security official.


Step 4: Submit your performance data

Depending on what your practice completed throughout 2018, you may be submitting eCQMs, Promoting Interoperability (PI) Measures, and/or Improvement Activities.

Upload your QRDA-3 file (“file.xml”) in QPP
  1. In the QPP portal, navigate to your “Account Home”. From here you can begin reporting by clicking on “Start Reporting”.

Please Note: Black boxes shown below will represent your own data

2. From here, you will be able to select how you will report. Select “Report as individuals” unless you know you are reporting as a group beforehand.

3. Once you’ve selected either to report as a group or as an individual, click on “Upload File” and follow prompts to upload the QRDA-3 file (file.xml) from your computer.


4. After successfully uploading, click on “View Submission” in order to enter “promoting interoperability” (PI) measures manually.

Manually enter Promoting Interoperability (PI) measures in QPP
  1. Scroll down to the “Promoting Interoperability” section of the reporting page and select “Manually Enter”.
  2. Select “Promoting Interoperability Transition Measures” as the category that you will fill out
  3. After answering the attestation statements, you will be able to enter your data manually below by cross referencing the Elation Dashboard and the QPP portal.

4. After you have finished manually entering those values, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Go to Improvement Activities”

Click here for a detailed video on how to manually enter PI measures

Report on Improvement Activities

  1. Follow the prompts on the page and attest to any activities that you’ve completed throughout 2018.

Click here for a detailed video on how to manually attest improvement activities.


CMS Useful Resources & Videos

QPP provides helpful resources for 2018 performance submissions.

CMS Resources

To learn more, visit and review the QPP User Access Guide (zip), which includes the following sections:

  • Before You Begin
  • Register for a HARP Account
  • Connect to an Organization
  • Security Officials: Manage Access

CMS Video Walkthroughs:

What you need prior to beginning:

Create a QPP Account

Connect to your organization:

Connect to an Organization: Practice

Submit your performance data:

Uploading Files for Data Submission

Reviewing Overview Data

Reviewing Quality Category Data

Deleting Submitted Data in the System

Reviewing and Submitting Data as a Registry

Navigation to Individual and Group Submission

Manual Attestation of the Improvement Activities Category

Manual Attestation of the Promoting Interoperability Category

Reviewing Improvement Activities Category Data

Reviewing Promoting Interoperability Category Data





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