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eOrdering with CLH

Last Updated: May 01, 2019 07:55AM PDT

Elation and Clinical Labs of Hawaii (CLH) have partnered to bring you a bidirectional interface to make the process for ordering labs more efficient for your practice.

  • You will now be able to submit orders for labs to CLH directly within Elation, bypassing the additional step needed to print and manually send the order!
  • We built CLH’s lab compendium and ask-on-entry prompts directly into the eOrdering requisition form, so you can be confident that your practice is always selecting a CLH-specific, CLH-approved lab test to be performed.
  • Save more time when you answer all CLH’s ask-on-entry prompts associated with the selected test upfront, so CLH can proceed with testing immediately.

Table of Contents:
In this article we will cover the following:

How do I start eOrdering?


How do I start eOrdering?

To submit an electronic order:

1.) Navigate to the patient's chart

2.) Click Orders in the grey Action bar at the top of the page


3.) Fill out the Lab Requisition Form. Required fields are indicated with an *

  • Quick Tip! In the Lab field, select the CLH option appended with the location that you are ordering from/on behalf of. If your practice uses Elation from multiple locations, each of the locations will be  set up with the ability to eOrder from CLH . This will be reflected as different locations in the ‘Lab’ dropdown list. Please select the correct location so that CLH is aware of the location that your practice is placing the order from. (You do not need to specify a site in the (Any site) dropdown field. All CLH locations will have access to the lab order.)
  • Quick Tip! In the Tests field, the options that appear on search pull from the most updated lab compendium from CLH. For some tests, you will need to answer ask-on-entry question prompts. By filling out these prompts, you save yourself and CLH time; with this information, CLH will not need to contact you with clarifications and can proceed to conduct the lab test immediately so you get your results more quickly.  

4.) Click eOrder or eOrder & Print to send CLH your order!

Results for lab orders will appear in the Reports queue in your Practice Home and in the Requiring Action queue of the patient chart for review and sign off, once the results from the ordered labs are available.


How does this differ from the Lab Requisition Form I previously used when printing my orders?

If you have an existing e-results interface with CLH, you'll notice that the electronic ordering workflow closely mimics the print ordering workflow you are already accustomed to.


The eOrdering Lab Requisition Form is almost identical, except that:

  • In the 'Tests' field, the orders that you make will pull from the most updated lab compendium from CLH to ensure that your lab orders go through smoothly
  • With eOrdering turned on, you will see the eOrder and eOrder & Print at the bottom of the page, rather than the Print & Close and Sign & Close options.​



How do I place a future order?

1.) To place an order that you’d like to be performed in the future, please enter the date that you’d like the order to be completed in the ‘do test on’ field next to the Pt Cond option

2.) Currently, you cannot place standing orders electronically. To place a standing order, enter the frequency and end date in the St. Order free text fields. Standing order information will show up on the printed requisition form (see figure attached as an example). When handed to the lab, CLH will set this up as a standing order.


Quick Tip! Use Elation’s appointment reminders feature to remind yourself to send another order on a fixed date. Contact Elation support to request to have Appointment Reminders turned on as a feature for your practice and learn more.

How do I edit or cancel an eOrder?

The ability to edit or cancel eOrders is not currently available through the Elation-CLH eOrdering interface. Please call CLH to edit or cancel an eOrder.

How do I link a lab order to a visit note?

To include an order in a visit note, please follow the steps outlined below:

1.) Open a new visit note. Note: please ensure that you create the visit note prior to initiating the eOrder.

2.) Start a new eOrder and fill out the Lab Requisition Form

3.) Click eOrder or eOrder & Print

4.) The lab order will be referenced and linked in the visit note  


Where can I view the orders placed for a patient?

Lab orders placed will be logged in the Chronological Record in the patient chart. To filter for all the lab orders placed for a patient, click into the search bar within the patient chart and click on 'Type'. Then choose 'Orders' from the drop-down.


I want to print a copy of an eOrder that I’ve already placed.

If you need to print an eOrder that was already placed, find the lab order in the Chronological Record and click Actions > Print on the right-hand side to print, or reprint, as many times as needed.


My staff can’t see the option to eOrder!

Only authorized staff delegates will see the option to eOrder. To add an authorized staff member, go to Settings > User Settings > Authorized Staff Delegates and add the staff member as an Authorized Staff To Sign Orders. If you cannot add a staff delegate, please check your admin user settings.


How do I set a default lab vendor?

To set a default lab vendor: Navigate to Lab Orders in the leftmost panel of your Settings page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Lab Order Settings section, and select a Default Lab Vendor from the dropdown list.

Note: This default setting applies to the entire practice, not just a single provider, and should only be activated if all providers at the practice prefer for the selected lab to be their default.


Please also note that indicating a default lab in your Settings page will make the selected lab the default lab in your ordering workflow with the exception of the case where the patient's last lab order was done with a different lab. Only in this situation (if the patient’s last lab order was done with a different lab) will you need to manually change the lab to ‘CLH’ in the Lab Requisition Form.


If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact Elation Support by submitting a ticket using the I Need Help button in Elation.

**If you are troubleshooting an issue with a specific patient, click the I Need Help button while you are in the patient’s chart. It will automatically notify our team of the impacted patient chart when you submit the ticket.
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