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Elation Coding Automation

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2019 11:37PM PDT

Leveraging Elation’s Automated Coding Feature

Elation is excited to announce our automated coding feature to help you get credit in quality programs for the documentation already present in your visit note!

Currently this feature applies to body mass index assessments (BMI), blood pressure (BP) and negative PHQ-9 depression screening results.

How does it work?

Vitals Coding Automation

Simply use the structured Vitals section in the visit note to record your patient’s vitals.

For BMI, when you enter a patient's height and weight, Elation will automatically enter the resulting BMI value's corresponding ICD-10 code in the billing section.

See below for an example:

Please note that automated BMI coding is available for patients who are 21 years or older as of the visit note creation date. BMI coding automation is not available for patients under 21 years of age. Please continue to apply the diagnosis codes associated with the BMI percentiles for these patients.

For BP, when you enter blood pressure readings into the structured Vitals portion of the Visit Note for any of your hypertensive or diabetic patients, Elation will automatically enter the resulting systolic and diastolic value's CPT codes to the billing section.

If multiple blood pressures are recorded in the structured vitals fields, Elation will take the lowest systolic and diastolic levels across all values entered in the visit note.

See below for example:

Please note that automated BP coding only applies to your hypertensive and diabetic patients who are between 18-85 years of age as of the visit note creation date, and will only occur for BP levels that are within a controlled range (<140 for systolic and <90 for diastolic). BP coding automation is not available for patients without an active or controlled diagnosis of hypertension or diabetes.

PHQ-9 Depression Screening Coding Automation

Use the structured screening questionnaire to record a patient’s PHQ-9 depression screening results in the Clinical Profile. When a user exports the completed PHQ-9 screening into a visit note, Elation will automatically add the corresponding CPT code to the billing section of the note. The coding automation will only apply to negative PHQ-9 scores (0-4) and will automatically drop the CPT code G8510 into the billing section.

See below for an example:

Please note that coding is not automated for patients who have a positive screening result (PHQ-9 score of 5+) because your practice must additionally document a follow-up when the result is positive. PHQ-9 coding automation applies to patients of any age. 

For more information about how to fill out the PHQ-9 clinical form in the Clinical Profile, please see the help center linked here and view the ‘Structured Screening Questionnaires’ section. 

How does it help my practice?

Elation is using the documentation already present in your visit note to automate coding for BMI and BP assessments and PHQ-9 screening results. Your practice will no longer need to (1) remember to code, or (2) remember which code needs to be added to the bill, based on the resulting vitals or screening results. This will reduce time spent on double documentation on your practice, allowing you to focus more time on patient care.

Great! How do I get started?

Admin users within your practice can turn the automated coding feature on and off by using the toggle in the Settings section.

To access the automated coding toggle, please follow the steps below:

1.) Navigate to your Settings page by clicking on your email address in the top right-hand corner of the page and selecting Settings from the dropdown menu

2.) Under Practice Settings in the leftmost pane, click Billing and scroll to the bottom of the page to view the Automatic Coding section

3.) Use the toggles next to Body Mass Index, Blood Pressure, and PHQ-9 to turn the automated coding features on or off for your practice.

Please note that only admin users will be able to turn the feature on or off. If the toggle appears disabled to you, then you may not be set up as an admin user for your practice. Contact your practice admin to change your practice settings for this feature, or to request to be made an administrator (note: the primary physician account holders in your practice are most likely the administrators).
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