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Refilling Multiple Prescriptions

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2019 05:22AM PDT

Refilling Multiple Prescriptions:

If you want to refill more than one medication for a patient at once, you have 2 options in Elation.

  1. Bulk Refill - this is the quickest possible way to refill most “Refill-Ready” medications at once, but you can’t edit ordering information or use decision support to warn you of drug or allergy interactions.
  2. Add Multiple Medications on one form - this allows you to edit information like the sig or number of refills, and allows you access to decision support warnings, though it takes more time.

What is a “Refill-Ready” medication?

Refill-ready medications are those which have all the required information for a prescription to be accepted at the pharmacy filled out:
  • Medication Name
  • Sig or Description
  • Qty
If any of the above are blank, the medication is not refill-ready.
There are additional fields that aren’t required (but you may want to review):
  • Units (which will default to unspecified if blank)
  • Refills (which will default to 0 if blank)
  • Notes
Controlled substances cannot be refilled via bulk refill.

Option #1 How can I bulk refill my medications?

The Bulk Refill process is meant for the following scenarios:

  • You’re refilling multiple chronic medications for a patient which you have prescribed before.
  • You’re comfortable not reviewing alerts/warnings about possible medication/allergy interactions, and would like the same contraindication information you sent earlier, to be sent to the pharmacy.
  • You are set up for ePrescribing in Elation. (If you only print medications, and do not ePrescribe, bulk refill is not available to you and you should try option #2).
1. The bulk refill option is available either in the Clinical Profile or in the Medication History section for your patients.

2. Click “+Bulk Refill” and view the list of refill-ready medications. If a medication is not refill-ready, it will be greyed out. You can hover your mouse over the medication to see why.

3. When you’ve selected the medications you’d like to quickly refill, click “Refill Selected Medications” to view a summary of the medication information that will be sent to Surescripts. You can change the header information or the pharmacy information if desired.

4. Once you click “ePrescribe & Print Pt Copy” or “ePrescribe Only”, the refills will be on their way to the pharmacy.

Option #2 - How can I add multiple medications on one form?

For medications which are not yet refill-ready, which need to be edited, or for which you need to view Elation’s decision support, you should use this method to refill medications.
  • 1.) Navigate to the medication name you’d like to refill, in the Clinical Profile or in the Medication History window. Click “Rx: Refill” in the actions menu.
  • 2. Once the refill form is open, you can edit or change any fields that you need, and review the decision support warnings if any exist. When you’re finished, click “Add another Med to Rx Blank” to process the next medication.

  • 3. This will open a blank form, queueing up the medication order you already finished, and you can then add another medication, by clicking “Rx:Refill” again.
  • 4. Continue to do this for as many medications and needed, and then click “ePrescribe” to select a pharmacy to send all of the medications to, or print the medication orders.



I have received a refill request from a pharmacy and do not see the "Approve" button to accept the request.

Some pharmacies will send a refill request without a Refill Qualifier. This means that instead of clicking the
 "Approve" button, the provider will see two options to select:  "Change Number of Refills" or "Deny". "Change Number of Refills" will allow the prescriber to select the number of refills needed at their discretion and the refill will be completed. 

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