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Importing Documents via the Fax Inbox

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018 01:59PM PST

Fax Inbox Video Tutorial


Finding the Fax Inbox

The Fax Inbox in Elation is the home for managing faxes and uploading documents. From the Fax Inbox you can easily file relevant documents to patient charts for physician review and sign off.

The Fax Inbox is located at the top of your Practice Home in the grey action bar, see below:

Upon opening your Fax Inbox, you will see two tabs. The first tab is your Incoming Documents or eFax Inbox. This is linked to your Elation fax number. The second tab is an "Unfiled Images" folder into which you can drag-and-drop files from your desktop.


Getting Documents Into Elation via the Fax Inbox


Each Elation practice is given a dedicated Elation electronic fax (or eFax) number during their implementation to Elation. You and your staff can use your existing fax machine to fax documents to Elation, some users call this "scanning" into Elation. Each incoming fax is automatically converted into an image accessible in the Fax Inbox to file to a patient chart.

Note: You can choose to forward all your practice's faxes to your eFax number. Click here to see how you can set up fax forwarding. Forwarding can help reduce staff workload and also ensure no documents gets lost. You can always print and/or delete non-patient specific documents from the Fax Inbox.

Uploading Scanned Documents and Other Files

You can upload any type of file into Elation. If you upload a .PDF, .JPEG, .PNG or .GIF file, Elation will automatically convert that file into a viewable document. Other files can be uploaded and saved to a patient chart, but it will not be viewable within Elation. There are two ways to upload a file from your computer.

Option A: Click on the "Upload Files" button within the Fax Inbox

Click "Upload Files" and select one -- or several! -- files to upload. Click on the "Open" button at the bottom of the dialog to start uploading the file to Elation. You may select multiple files by holding down the "Control" key on your keyboard while you click on the files that you would like to upload.

Option B: Drag files from your computer into the Fax Inbox directly ("Drag & Drop")

You can also drag and drop a document directly into the Fax Inbox. Use your mouse to drag a file into the Fax Inbox and a blue "Drop Here to Upload" graphic will appear. Drop the document into the dotted blue square.


Once you have selected or dropped files into Elation to upload, a progress bar will appear that keeps track of the percentage of progress towards a complete upload, ready for filing to a patient's chart.


If you navigate away from the page while a document is still processing, the progress bar will still be there when you return so you do not have to wonder if it has completed.

Filing a Document to the Patient Chart

 Each fax transmission and uploaded file will appear like the image below.


To file a document, select all the pages you would like to file and click "Add to Queue" to group together related pages. You may select multiple images to file by clicking the first image you want to file so that the image is highlighted with a blue outline, hold down the "Shift" key on your keyboard while clicking on the next image.

Once the images are added to the Queue, the images will turn grey to indicate that they have been selected. Click "File" button to select to which chart these documents will be filed.


In order to file the document into the patient's chart, you must identify the following:

  • Patient Name
  • Reviewer: Choose the provider who should receive a message in his/her inbox that this document should be reviewed.
  • Date: Select the date when the document was created. This is usually the date that is listed in the document.
  • Document Type: This will tell the EMR how to file the document.
  • Tags: This field is optional. You can type any description to help you find this document more quickly in the future. The Tag is searchable within the patient chart.

Click on the "File into Chart" button to file the document into the patient's chart.

After you click the "File into Chart" button, the document will leave the Fax Inbox and you can ,move on to file the rest of the documents within the Fax Inbox.​

Tips To Using the Fax Inbox More Effectively

Collapse Listings To Find Your Documents Faster

You can click on the header of a document in your Fax Inbox to collapse that document. Within the listing for each document, only the first 7 images are shown. Click on "More" button to see the next 7 images within that listing.

Zoom-in On Images

Depending on your screen resolution, some of the images may be difficult to read. You can increase the size of the document by double clicking on it. A larger image with higher resolution will appear on your screen.

If you want to increase the size of the image incrementally, you can zoom by hitting the "Ctrl" key and "+" key together (for Apple users, hit the "Command" key and "+" key together). To resume to the normal image size, hit the "Ctrl" key + "0" (for Apple users, hit the "Command" key and "0" key together).
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