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Check for your office's daily To-Do List

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019 08:28AM PDT

The Requiring Actions queue in your Practice Home page always keeps track of items that need your attention. Learn more about how to best utilize this queue below:

Set your Display Preferences
Change your View queue
Launch multiple patient charts
Finish up unsigned, unfinished items
Check for Urgent Items
Respond back to patients and providers
Check for messages
Sign off on Reports
Approve Refill Requests from pharmacies

Set your Display Preference

You can set your preference on whether you want to see the items within each category by Newest First or Oldest First. Your preference will be saved as you navigate across the categories, and it will be saved each time you open the Practice Home page on the same web browser.

Change your View queue

Check for requiring action items in other office members' queues, by clicking on the dropdown menu and finding the member you would like to view queue for. 

Launch multiple patient charts

You can launch up to 10 patient charts that are under each Requiring Action queue at once. Once you click this "Launch patients" button, you will see a tab created per patient chart in your web browser for you to check on the Requiring Action items for each patient chart.

Finish up Draft Notes, Letters and Orders

Keep track of any draft notes, letters and orders.

Check for Urgent items

Anyone in your practice can mark a report or a message as Urgent - which will appear in your Urgent queue for immediate attention. If any e-prescription fails, for any user in your practice, the failed eRx will appear in the Urgent queue as well to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Respond back to patients and providers

"Patient Letters" and "Provider Letters" keep track of responses written back to you from patients and providers.

If you want to keep track of patients and providers who have yet to open your letters to them, you can check for these in "Unopened Online Attachments" and "Unopened Patient Letters".

Check for Messages

All messages addressed to you or a group that you are in (for example a staff group which has all the staff members in the practice in it) appear in your messages queue here. Once you reply to a message, it will disappear from your queue! You can also add new recipients to an existing message.

If you send messages to yourself as reminders, the messages will appear in your queue in the practice home if you add a date to the message - either today's date, or a date in the future. Messages you send to yourself will show up in your patient's chart whether or not you add in a date.

Sign off on Reports

Reports enter Elation either electronically through the lab interface set up with participating labs, or are faxed into Elation's Document Manager where staff can file reports into patient charts for physician review. Both faxes and electronic lab reports appear in the queue of the physician for review and sign off.

If you are in a practice with multiple physicians, and the lab report that arrived is mistakenly assigned to you, you can re-assign the report directly from the queue.

Approve Refill Requests from pharmacies

Refill requests for your patients that arrive electronically through Surescripts can be viewed in your queue on the Practice Home page. Click on each patient name to review the requests and approve, change the refill quantity of, or deny a prescription.
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