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Retrieving Previous Medication History For Your Patients

Last Updated: Aug 28, 2017 01:16PM PDT

Elation will automatically retrieve the medications that the patient has received from the pharmacy over the past 6 months ("medication fills") and file them into your patient's chart. The medication fills retrieved also include the medications that have been prescribed by other physicians.

Option A: For Scheduled Appointments
Option B: For walk-ins or impromptu visits
Incorporating the Medication Information Into Patient's Medication List
Pre-requisites for this Feature


Option A: For scheduled appointments

In order to retrieve the patient's medication information, the patient must have an appointment scheduled in ElationEMR. ElationEMR will automatically retrieve the medication information for patients who have an appointment scheduled for the next day.

Option B: For walk-ins or impromptu visits

For patients scheduled and seen on the same day, you can retrieve the medication information by adding the patient into the Scheduler and completing the following steps:

1. Change the appointment status from "Scheduled" to "Checked In" when the patient arrives at the office.

You can change the status by clicking on the "Actions" button that appears next to the appointment and click on the "Status: Check In" button.

A new dialog titled "Patient's Medication Coverage Eligibility & Medication Fills" will appear once the appointment status has been changed to "Checked In".

2. Click on the "Check Eligibility & Retrieve Meds" button, as shown below.

ElationEMR will retrieve the information about what medications are covered by the patient's insurance company as well as the patient's medication information.

Note: There may be patients who do not have any medications to retrieve. A note will appear at the top of the patient's chart above Requiring Action Items to indicate the last date when ElationEMR has tried to retrieve medications on your behalf. 

Incorporating the Medication Information Into Patient's Medication List

The medication information is automatically filed into the patient's chart. The next time you open the patient's chart, a summary of the medications that have been retrieved will display in the Outstanding Items queue. You will not see a task in your practice home inbox to notify you that the medication information has been retrieved.

The medication information is not immediately incorporated into the patient's chart. You have the opportunity to review the medication information retrieved by clicking on the Medication Fills Summary text in blue.

Once you have had an opportunity to review the medications retrieved, click on the "Sign Off" button to incorporate the retrieved medication information into the patient's chart. The summary of the medication retrieved will be documented in the Chronological Record.

Pre-requisites for this Feature

In order use the Medication Fills Download feature, you must use the following:

  • ePrescribing
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • ​Basic Patient Demographic Information

Note: To enable electronic prescribing, please complete the application form titled Surescripts Vendor Release Form (attached at the bottom of this page) and email the signed form to or fax it to 925-520-4933.

The basic patient demographic information required includes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Zip Code

Without the information noted above, we will not be able to retrieve any medications for that patient. If you have your patient demographic information available in an electronic format, you may send us the electronic file so that Elation can import your patient demographic information on your behalf. 


(1) What's the effectiveness for medication history download?
~60-70% of patients in a regular FFS patient panel will result in patient matches and have medications available for download.

(2) Why don't some patients' medications appear from Medication download?
Here are some common reasons:

  • (a) We don't have enough information about the patient that results in multiple patients that could match the criteria we sent. To avoid HIPAA violations, Surescripts defaults not to send us information if there is ambiguity around whether we are talking about the same patient.
  • (b) a patient just changed insurance plans (even if it's the different plan with the same insurer). All of this information depends on what information is stored at the patient's insurance plan's pharmacy benefits management system. If there is a change in insurer or pharmacy benefits manager (this is determined by the insurer or self-insured employer), the pharmacy benefits manager won't have the patient's medication fill history because they just started managing that patient's medication usage.
  • (c) the patient has decided to pay for each of his medications with cash and did not use insurance to help cover the bill.

(3) Which insurers or insurances plans are supported?

Because insurers can change pharmacy benefits managers or use multiple pharmacy benefits managers depending on the plan, Surescripts avoided making this system dependent on participating insurers. 95% of the pharmacy benefits management companies participate in the Surescripts network. With the issues described above, this results in 60-70% hit rate.

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