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Share Documents Between Other ElationEMR Users

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2017 07:12PM PDT
If you share patients with another doctor who also uses ElationEMR, we've made communicating and sharing documents between ElationEMR users just as easy as approving an electronic refill request.
  • Send Letters back and forth between ElationEMR practices.
  • Automatically file those letters and their attachments into the patient’s chart - no more faxing, scanning then manually filing those documents.
  • Send replies back and forth -- just like sending messages with your patients.
  • All documents are pre-tagged and are searchable in the patient’s chart. 

How does it work?

When you write a letter to another doctor who uses Elation, like William Abbott, MD, the doctor's name will show up specially marked in the search results with an E*.

When you have finished and signed off the letter, the letter will be filed in your patient chart as it appears here. Note that you can tell if the recipient has opened your letter yet or not!

Within a minute or two, Dr. Abbott will receive the letter you have sent, directly in his Elation queue of letters to review. If the patient already exists in his practice, we'll send the letter directly into that patient's chart. If not, we'll create a new chart.

Dr. Abbott will see a notification in his practice homepage that he has a new "Provider Letter". He can view the letter in the Practice Home page, view all attachments, and sign off or reply right from the Practice Home! Or, he can open his patient chart to view the whole patient history.

When Dr. Abbott signs off the letter, he will get the option to file the reports you've sent over, to populate his own list of documents. If you've sent Dr. Abbott an electronic lab report, we'll file the lab report as structured data - that means he can search, trend, and use all that lab information in his notes easily!

If Dr. Abbott has a question for you, he can write you a reply which you will then see in your Practice Homepage. When you're done with the conversation, you can acknowledge the letter.

When you communicate with another ElationEMR physician, no more faxing, no more scanning and filing - and less time on the phone. Work with other doctors in Elation to take care of your patients more seamlessly!
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