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Billing Settings - Service Locations & Procedure Codes

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018 03:38PM PDT
In Billing Settings, you can curate a list of service locations and procedure codes to ease the entry of billing information on your visit notes. You can also enable or disable patient invoicing.  Click your email at the top of the screen to access the Settings menu.  

Billing Settings can be found under "Practice Settings" in  ElationEMR's Settings:

Patient Invoicing

Turn on patient invoicing for your practice to extend billing in Elation to allow the addition of units and charges to each Procedure. Generate simple invoices or detailed invoices for insurance claims for your patients.

>> Learn more about patient invoicing


Service Locations

When billing for a visit, you can specify a service location and corresponding Place of Service (POS) code. Use the Service Locations section of Billing Settings to curate the complete list of service locations where you may bill.

>> Learn more about selecting a service location on your bill.


Popular Procedure Codes

The list of procedure codes that will appear when you click into the procedure field in the billing window for a visit note is stored in Billing Settings. Each practice can freely add or remove codes from the list, and the order of the codes as they appear in this list is how they will appear when one first clicks into the procedure field in the billing window.

Frequently Asked Question:
I just added a few procedure codes and/or reordered some of the codes in my list. But when I click in the procedure field in the billing section of my patient chart, I don't see my changes. What's happening?
Refresh the patient chart. If a patient chart is open in another tab while you make changes to your Procedure list in Settings, you will need to refresh that chart in order for the changes to take effect in the billing window of that patient's chart.

Manage the order of the Procedure codes in the billing window by re-ordering codes in Billing Settings:

If Patient Invoicing is turned on...
You can add default charges to each Procedure code in your list.

When you add a Procedure code with a default charge to your bill, the "Charge" field will automatically fill with the default charge value. Edit your default charges in Settings at any time, but remember to refresh any patient charts that are open before your changes will take effect.

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