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Routing Patient-Initiated Messages

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2018 03:04PM PDT

The basic principles of patient message routing:

  • When patients send messages to your practice, they must choose a category, such as "Appointments," or "Question about My Health"
  • You can select different people or groups in your practice to receive different categories of messages. For example, if you want messages about "Appointments" to always go to your Front Office staff, you can set it up that way!
  • You will set up message routing for the patients of each provider in your practice. 

To change message routing for an individual provider:

  1. Go to Settings > Patient Passport Messages (under "Admin Users Only")
  2. Find the section on the page that says "Routing Per Provider"
  3. Find the provider whose routing settings you wish to change
  4. Next to the provider's name, click the link that says “Change Routing for [Provider Name]”
  5. For each message category, remove members of your practice by clicking the “x” next to their name, or add someone by searching for their name in the box that says “Add provider, staff, or group in practice…”

    You can route patient messages to individual staff members or providers, as well as to entire staff groups.
  6. When you're finished, click “Update Provider’s Routes” at the bottom left of the form.

To change message routing for all providers at once:

You can also update message routing for all providers at once. For example, if Jane Smith is the staff member who manages all appointments, you can make sure that all patient messages about “Appointments” always go to Jane Smith.

1. Go to Settings > Admin Users Only section > Patient Passport Messages. Near the top of the Patient Passport Messages settings page, in the section titled “Routing for All Providers,” click the link to “Update Routing for All Providers.”

2. Next to appointments, add Jane Smith to the list.

3. Leave the rest of the categories blank to make no changes to them.
4. Click the button to “Update Provider Routes”.
5. All providers’ routing tables will update to Jane Smith as the dedicated staff member to receive patient messages about Appointments.

For more information on Patient Passport Messages, refer to Patient Passport Messaging: An Introduction.
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