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Last Updated: Aug 24, 2018 04:34AM PDT

The Lab Settings page has the option for you to manage the list of local laboratory vendors that you want to appear in your Lab Order Form in Elation. The Lab Settings section is located under Practice Settings in your Settings page.

How to Add a Lab Vendor

  1. Click on the "Add Lab Vendor" button at the top right 
  2. If Elation has an integration with the Lab Vendor, their name will appear as an option for you to select when you search for their name
  3. If Elation does not have an integration with the Lab Vendor, their name will not appear as an option for you to select but you can continue to add then to your list but simply entering their name. Please note that adding a Lab Vendor does not automatically put in a request for a new Integration build with this Vendor. To submit a Integration build request with Elation, please email 

Managing your Lab Vendors


Printed Orders

  • If you would like the Lab Vendor to appear as an option for you to select in the Elation Lab Order Form, then select On. This Settings is default On.

Electronic Ordering

  • By default, all of the Elation lab integrations are Result Only integrations. This means the integration is only built to receive electronic lab results from Lab Vendors. Elation will display the availability of sending lab orders electronically to Lab Vendors when the options become available for that Lab Vendor.

Electronic Results

  • If you added a Lab Vendor whom Elation has an integration with and you would like to set up the integration to begin receiving results directly in Elation, Click the Set Up button to initiate this request. 
  • We will provide you with specific instructions on how to contact your lab representative and what information to provide them to begin the set up.


  • For Lab Vendors that Elation has an integration with, they may have regulations around test compendiums. If the lab vendor does not have a test compendium, any user created test can be sent to the lab on the print form. If the lab vendor has a test compendium, only tests that are part of the compendium can be selected when making orders to this lab.


  • You can add the contact information for local centers to each Lab Vendor you have in your Settings page. 
    1. Click the +Add a location button
    2. The Name of the location is the only required field. Some customers use the first line of the street address as the location name.
    3. Once you have all your desired fields filled out, click Save
  • To edit a Lab location, click the Edit button next to the name
  • To delete a Lab location, click the Delete button next to the name

Account Info

  • This information is automatically stored for you based on the information you provided during the initial integration set up for this Lab Vendor. If this information needs to be updated. Please contact Elation at

Deleting the Lab Vendor

  • If you no longer wish to send any patients to the Lab Vendor, you can click the Delete this lab vendor button at the bottom of the chart to remove it from your list. Deleting the Lab Vendor will remove them from the Lab Order form. If you have an Integration with the Lab Vendor, you will not be allowed to delete it. Please contact Elation at if you wish to turn off a Lab Integration.
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