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Clinical Profile: Record Patient Information

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2017 04:26PM PDT

The Clinical Profile is always accessible on the left side of each Patient Chart and built for seamless adding, editing, and deleting items as you go. The Clinical Profile includes the following sections:

  1. Patient Demographics and Tags
  2. Allergies and Drug Intolerances
  3. Problem List
  4. Past Medical, Social and Family History
  5. Medications
  6. Recent Med Orders
  7. Patient's Provider List
  8. Vaccinations
  9. Legal Notes

You can reference anything from the Clinical Profile into a visit note or vice versa with just one click!

You can export each Clinical Profile item one-by-one to the HPI, Assessment, or Billing sections (or all three!). You can also export all items by choosing "Export All".


  • Tabbing: You can TAB through all fields in the Clinical Profile. Use TAB to move forward and SHIFT + TAB to move backwards.
  • An "Actions" button will appear when you mouseover any item in the Clinical Profile, allowing you to easily edit or export items into your visit note in progress.

After you've explored the Clinical Profile, you can look at your Requiring Actions Queue to see at a glance your to-dos to take care of a patient!

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