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How to send a Letter on Elation

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2017 03:30PM PDT

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ElationEMR is proud to introduce Letters - the easiest way to communicate about your patients with individuals outside your practice. Write a message, attach items from your patient's chart - such as Lab Results, Visit Notes, or the Patient Profile - and either print it out, send it through fax or email it with the click of a button.

How to write a Letter To Individuals:

1. Start your Letter

In any Elation patient chart, click the "Letter" button at the top of the chart the select "To Provider".

2. Select your recipient

Either enter a fax number or start typing the name of the provider, specialist, or medical organization that you want to send your letter to in the To: field.

A. Existing Contacts:

If you type the name of a provider that you've used for referrals before, and you saved them as a contact, their name will appear in a list below the To: field. Click on the name of the provider to select them as the recipient. If you need to add a fax number to their information, click the "Edit" button.

B. New Contacts:

If you're sending a Letter to a new contact, select "Search in Elation Provider Network" at the bottom of the list. We'll automatically search the National NPI Registry for the name that you typed, and if there's a match, just click on it to create a contact using the information from the NPI Registry. If you need to create a contact manually, just select type in the name of the provider and click on "Add Details".

Note: You do not need to save contacts to your contact list. Saving contacts is purely optional. You can just enter a name, fax number or email to send the Letter to.

3. Type your message

Once you've selected your contact, start writing your letter just as you would write an email.

How do I set an 'unread alert' on a letter or referral?

In the letter or referral form, there is a row called "Unread Alert." Use the selection box to choose how long you will give your recipient to open your letter or referral before you wish to be notified (see screenshot below). You can choose a number of days (1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc.) or a specific date.

If your letter or referral is not opened after the amount of time that you specify, a notification will appear in Requiring Actions in the patient's chart, and also in Practice Home. In Practice Home, unopened patient letters will appear in the queue "Unopened Patient Letters," and unopened letters or referrals to providers will appear in the queue "Unopened Provider Letters and Referrals."


What do I do after I've been notified that my letter or referral was not opened?‚Äč

Elation gives you a variety of actions that you can take on your unopened letter or referral:
  • Resend - Allows you to resend your original letter or referral to your recipient. If re-sending to a fax number, you will have the option to fax copies of the attachments as well.
  • Acknowledge & Sign off - Files the notification in the chart, documenting the date and time it was acknowledged. This information is also recorded in the original letter or referral under the section "Delivery Details." 
  • Write message - Opens a message to your staff, linking the unopened referral or letter. 
  • Notify me again later - Allows you to "snooze" the unread notification; you can specify an additional number of days after which Elation will notify you again if the letter or referral still has not been opened.

4. Attach items from the patient's chart

Click "Attach Chronological Record Items" and you can attach most anything from the patient's chart just by clicking on it. 

5. Sign the Letter

Depending on whether you chose to email, fax or print the Letter, the Letter will be signed off with your electronic signature and either sent to the recipient or printed.

What does a Letter look like in the chart?

The saved letter will appear in your patient chart as shown below:

And the printout will show your electronic signature once uploaded in Elation.


What does a Letter look like when I send it as an email?

An email will sent to the recipient notifying him/her that you'd like to share clinical information about a mutual patient.

The receiving practice will need to enter your practice's Provider Security Code in order to see the information.

Notes will appear in the Letter telling you whether it has been opened by the recipient:

How to write a Letter To Patient (Passport):

1. Start your Letter

In any Elation patient chart, click the "Letter" button at the top of the chart the select "To Patient (Passport)".

2. Type your message

3. Attach items from the patient's chart

Patients' demographic information and LHS will automatically be shared with them inside their Passport accounts so you no longer need to attach these to Letters to Patients.

You can now attach "Handouts" to Letters to patients with Passport accounts.

4. Sign & Send or Sign & Print

Depending on which option you choose, you may either Send the Letter to the patient if he has a Passport account or just Print the letter out with your signature.

What does a Letter look like in the chart?

The saved letter will appear in your patient chart as shown below:

If the patient views your Letter from the Passport account, a note will appear in the Letter telling you when the patient read it:

For more information on Sending Letters and Referrals, please click here
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