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No double documentation with the Clinical Profile

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017 12:13PM PDT
Import and export problems, medications, allergies, compose referrals, all with one click. The Clinical Profile is your patient’s essential information organized for export to any visit note you may be drafting.

I spent time updating all the patient’s problems, do I have to rewrite each one in my visit note?
Document a problem once and never have to retype it again. You can export any item -- or all items -- from each section of the Clinical Profile to your visit note’s HPI, Assessment or Billing sections with just one click. Under “Actions” select “Export”. You can even export synopses from your Clinical Profile to your visit notes (see "2. Clinical Profile - Part I" in the Clinical Training Videos to learn more).

Can the problem list be ordered by relevancy not chronologically?
You can order your problems any which way you like. The default is chronological, but you can reorder the list so that it reflects relevancy or severity instead. Use the toggles on the left hand side of the problem to drag and reorder the list.

This patient sees many specialists, where can I keep each provider’s contact info for easy information exchange?
Update your colleagues on a patient’s status with just one click. It’s easy to keep your patient's providers list up-to-date by searching the Elation’s Directory and clicking “Add to Pt's Providers”

Where can I find growth charts for my pediatric patients?
Keep parents informed on patient growth Elation generates growth charts for every patient. You can find these within “Other Information” and clicking on “Actions”.

More tips? Has a new patient arrived? Import and Export new patient data by dragging-and-dropping a C-CDA file.
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