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Lab Interface Requests

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2018 03:02AM PDT

Elation Lab Partners: 

For an up-to-date list of Elation Lab partners please see here. If you do not see your lab in this list, please contact to make a request for Elation to partner with your lab. 

Lab Interface Requests:

We currently support unidirectional (results only) interfaces with our Elation partner labs. To submit a request for an interface, please see instructions below. 

How to submit a unidirectional Lab interface request:

In order to have your lab account interfaced with Elation in a timely manner, please submit your interface request to your lab and cc in any communication. 

Please note that Quest has a different process for submitting requests to the other lab partners. 

All Elation partner labs (except Quest- see below):

Please use the drafted email below as a template for submitting your request. If your practice has multiple accounts, you will need to specify all the accounts that are being requested to have an interface. 

  • Please add your Lab account number (required for LabCorp)
  • cc
  • and send to your account rep or contact. 

Subject: Elation Unidirectional Interface Request


I would like to request a uni-directional interface with Elation Health (cc'ed here) for account number(s) ____. When ready to proceed please reach out to the Elation team at to begin testing and please let me know what steps need to be taken to initiate the process.

N.B/ We now have a bidirectional interface with LabCorp (Results and Orders). When emailing your rep, please ask for a bidirectional interface rather than unidirectional. 

Quest- how to submit your interface request:

1.) Go to the quest portal and select the first option "For Physicians" 

2.) Complete the next steps by entering your information

  • a.) Are you an existing Quest Diagnostics client? - Click Yes, and enter your Acc no. and Zip code. (Click Next)
  • b.) Check account information and click Yes to confirm this is correct (Click Next)
  • c.) Select your role from the drop-down menu e.g. office manager
  • d.) Enter your contact information and the best times to be contacted (Click Next)
3.) You will be asked to enter the Vendor's details (Elation) and some further account info.  Please complete as shown below.  
  • a.) Vendor Name: Elation Health, Inc. fka Fong Health Enterprises
  • b.) Software Name: Elation EMR
  • c.) Additional Accounts: If there are additional accounts to be submitted for the practice, enter this information here
  • d.) IT Contact at your office - Enter your name and phone number
  • e.) Other Details: Complete the remaining questions listed regarding your account (Click Next)

4.) Confirm and review account information and submit  

5.) Please forward the confirmation email you receive to
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