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Merging/Reconciling Downloaded Meds with Existing Meds

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2019 11:06AM PDT

Before every patient encounter, you may retrieve the patient's medication information to obtain the latest medications that the patient has filled from the pharmacy, including medications that were prescribed by other physicians who are taking care of the patient. 

ElationEMR helps you reconcile the retrieved medications with your carefully curated medication list.

Reviewing the list of medications retrieved
Importing retrieved medications one-by-one
Importing retrieved medications all at once

Reviewing the list of medications retrieved

After the medications have been retrieved from the patient's insurance company, an Outstanding Item is created with a summary of how many medications were received. You may review the medication information retrieved by clicking on the "XX medication fills received" text in blue.

A list of each medication that the patient has obtained from the pharmacy for the past 6 months will display, sorted by the medication and then date. 

Depending on the patient's insurance company, you will receive some or all of the following information:

  • Medication name and strength ("Medication")
  • Date that the patient filled the prescription and picked it up from the pharmacy ("Fill Date")
  • The number of pills that the pharmacist gave the patient ("Qty")
  • The number of days that the medication fill should last the patient before running out ("Supply")
  • Physician who prescribed the medication ("Prescriber")


Importing retrieved medications one-by-one

After reviewing the preview of how the retrieved medication will be reconciled with a medication that is already documented in the patient's chart, you accept this reconciliation of the medications related to a specific treatment by clicking on the "Sign Off" button for that treatment, as shown below.

This allows you to inspect each medication listed in the patient chart and reconcile only those medications that you would like to include in the patient's medication list. If you would like to remove a medication fill from the record, you may click on the "Actions" button associated with the medication fill and choose "Remove".  

Importing retrieved medications all at once

If you would like to incorporate all of the retrieved medications with a single click, click on the "Sign" button that is displayed over the "XX medication fills received" item in the Requiring Action queue. Click "Actions" > "Sign Off & Do NOT Add to Med List" to acknowledge this Med Download but not import these meds into the chart's med history list. You can also reference downloaded meds to a visit note by selecting "Export to Note", or print these meds for your or your patient's review.

Once the retrieved medications have been incorporated into the patient's medication list, the yellow highlights on each medication will disappear, and the patient's medication list will be updated with the current medications that the patient is taking.

Please Note: Duplicate medications in the medication list may be created due to the way that the insurance companies/PBMs provide the information. When duplicates appear we recommend merging them, instead of deleting them- to keep the medication history and fills history accurate.

Merging and Unmerging Medications

For information on how to merge and unmerge medications, please have a look at the following Medication History help center article

Please Note: When you merge the two medications, Elation takes the name, dosage, and signature of the most recently documented scripts for the medication, and we re-purpose this as the name of the entire medication thread. Click here to see an example of this.
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